Our Business is Oil

and Business is Good

America needs oil, the world needs oil. Imports are costly and come at the expense of local jobs and development.
Our <span>Business</span> is <span>Oil</span>

A core of Seasoned Oil Professionals

Proudly American

We are actively promoting and participating in the development of American businesses and American stakeholders.
A core of <span>Seasoned</span> Oil Professionals

The First STRUCTURED oil business INCUBATOR

Own your own oil business

We invite and screen industry professionals to own and manage their own oil business with our assistance as our partners.
The First <span>STRUCTURED</span> oil business <span>INCUBATOR</span>

Maximizing oil production

to help Overcome Peak Oil

Increasing demand for oil requires prospecting at maximum rates.
<span>Maximizing</span> oil production


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The Opportunity

Despite substantial increases in annual oil production, the U.S. is currently experiencing a shortfall of 7.6 million barrels of oil per day. With greater energy conservation and increased oil production, the U.S. will reduce its oil imports to 4 million barrels of oil per day by 2020.


Revolutionary Plan

The clear and present opportunity in the U.S. oil & gas industry is to achieve greater than projected production with increased capital funding and reliance on new technological advances.


A Strong Base

Central has the proven reserves, the industry expertise and the operating partners available to exploit the opportunity.


Core Company Role

Central’s primary role is to source the financial resources required to fund the opportunity so that operational Tiger Teams can grow the oil and gas business to a new level. We have the skills and expertise to fulfill this critical role.

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