Core Company

Oil Drilling Operational Tiger Teams

Central Oil And Gas Corporation of America, Inc. is the core business entity, around which incubated, operational entities known as Tiger Teams are formed. The principal owners of Central have elected the directors and the officers of the core company with a remit to oversee the business operations of the core company. The day to day operations of the core company is being handled by people with experience in performing these functions, while the owners of the company - which are the first Tiger Team members - are left free to focus on the oil and gas prospecting and drilling business. This is the business from which they already make their living and in which they have already demonstrated their competency. The core company retains all of the valuable assets of the business and outsources all of the heavy lifting to organizations managed by the Tiger Teams. In this way the operations of the overall enterprise are streamlined and lean.

The company is segregated into two primary Components:

01 The Core Company (the Mergers, Acquisition and Finance Vehicle)

02 The underlying Oil and Gas Business (or Tiger Teams) that create the income and value for the Core Company

The Core Company consists of the following human resources and/or contractors:

  1. Shareholders (Owners), including the Tiger Team Members who control the vision and direction of the company
  2. Directors
  3. Officers
  4. Legal Council
  5. Accounting
  6. Consultants
  7. Public Relations
  8. Investor Relations
  9. Mergers & Acquisitions
  10. Tiger Team Liaisons

The Tiger Teams consists of the following human resources and/or contractors:

  • Geologists
  • Landmen
  • Oil & Gas Engineers
  • Field Personnel and other Oil Industry Experts

Functions of the Core Company

  1. Maintain the value and integrity of the enterprise by overseeing proper corporate governance of the enterprise and ensure that it is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations
  2. Acquire and hold the valuable assets of the company including, Oil and Gas Leases, Royalties and Working Interests and Equipment
  3. Acquire and/or form Tiger Teams (subsidiaries)
  4. Obtain finance for the business and the Tiger Teams
  5. Assist shareholders in realizing the value from their investments

These activities all accrue to the benefit of all share holders and stake holders.

Functions of the Tiger Teams

  1. Bring and/or find oil and gas projects, leases, royalties, prospects and production
  2. Manage all drilling operations, wells and properties
  3. Provide an opportunity for shareholders of Central to benefit from the oil and gas business

The advantages of the structure of the company are many but the underlying theme is to create an opportunity for people to benefit from an investment in Central Oil and Gas based on the experience of people who have worked in the oil and gas business for their entire lives (and some who have been in the business for generations). The structure of Central is that of a family owned business. Family owned businesses have historically proven to be some of the best investments as control resides with those who started the business, who know it best and who provide an opportunity for others to benefit from their know how. These families and the Tiger Team members are not and do not desire to be public or corporate figures, rather they are only concerned with expanding their business to it’s fullest extent in a way that creates an opportunity for people to benefit from their experience.

The structure of the company enables the company to maintain the highest possible integrity of corporate governance, as the work is clearly separated into two distinct businesses, the business of being a corporate and the underlying business that creates revenue. Because of this structure, officers and directors of the Core Company do not need to also be experts in oil and gas, but can be experts in managing the core functions and legal compliance of the company. Meanwhile, the critical operation of oil and gas production is left to experts who are free to operate the underlying business of the company without being burdened with also having to perform the day to day corporate operations of the Core Company at the same time.

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