Oil Business Franchise

Central Oil and Gas Corporation of America, Inc. is a unique energy enterprise that is designed to maximize the growth rate of the company and of it’s oil and gas projects, drilling and production by means of an exciting new Oil Business Incubation (OBI) model.

This model enables us to rapidly assemble “Tiger Teams” of oil and gas experts and crews by offering them the opportunity to own and run their own oil business incubated within the Central Oil & Gas structure, and to share in the profits of the company in the very same way as the owners of Central Oil and Gas themselves. Central Oil and Gas will partner with the new principals of each new business (or “Tiger Team”) by providing them with the following value:

  • initial and ongoing financing
  • business management associates and teams
  • initial projects and prospects from Central’s own inventory (if necessary)

The principals of each new Tiger Team has full decision making authority to run their business with the support and backing of Central Oil and Gas. In this way Central Oil and Gas attracts and partners with the best people in the oil industry and hedge their risks across multiple Tiger Teams and multiple projects simultaneously. In exchange for the value provided to the projects outsourced by Central Oil and Gas, it receives royalties from producing oil projects.

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