Almost all oil and gas companies are limited in their capacity to grow because there are only so many projects that the principals, who started the business, can deal with at any given time. Central Oil & Gas is designed to overcome this limitation in growth and project capacity by farming out oil and gas projects to multiple subsidiaries with multiple “Tiger Teams” comprised of industry experts who have an ownership stake in the business and the underlying projects themselves.

We outsource all of the exploration, drilling and heavy lifting and only leave in Central Oil & Gas the royalties from each project and the human resources necessary to acquire and account for all of the underlying partnerships (i.e. “Tiger Teams”).

Our goal is to become sustainable by virtue of the fact that we are not alone. At any given time we will have multiple projects being drilled by multiple Tiger Teams. Our business is not dependant on any one particular oil or gas project but rather we are designed to accommodate an above average number of simultaneous exploration and drilling projects.

When the price of oil and gas is low, we will acquire more inventory and operate more projects at lower prices, when the price of oil and gas is high we will continue to benefit from our Oil Business Franchise business model that enables us to attract and partner with the best projects and experts in the industry.

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